Line Interactive UPS

Product: Long Backup UPS for Home Equipments - Light,Fan,TV, Refrigerate, Wireless Telephone Any Equipments which requires High Stability Power Protection ComputersrATM/ADMWork StationPOS

Model: Alfa Digital INVISMO


Product: Rack Mount and tower convertable 1KVA 2KVA and 3 KVA UPS

Model: Alfa Digital 3300ALR


Product: Line Interactive 1KVA 500W UPS with AAA and AA battey charger

Model: Alfa Digital UPS 7310


Product: 1KVA Economical UPS 500W

Model: Alfa Digital 5310A


Product: 1 KVA 600W High Resistance Batteries Line Interactive UPS with LCD

Model: 8310AL


Product: 2 KVA Line Interactive UPS

Model: Alfa Digital 2KVA 3320ALU


Product: 3 KVA Line Interactive UPS

Model: Alfa Digital 3330ALU 3KVA


Product: 650VA 385 Watts UPS

Model: Alfa Digital UPS 5765





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